About Me

My name is Maya and I welcome you to my blog on the key factors of success. I'm a Law of Attraction coach and a spiritual seeker who enjoys sharing these keys with people who are on the path to success.

My journey to complete success, the exact way I wanted it was hard. To me success was having it all: great work that excites me, a wonderful partner I can grow old with, freedom to choose my own schedule, being able to have a business online and finally having ample time for my 2 hobbies (jewelry making and sharing native american shamanic stories). It took me 5 years of efforts to have it all. I procrastinated and failed several times but in the process I learned a lot. It doesn't have to be that long for you. By learning and applying the key factors of success, you will be able to achieve your success much faster. I wish you the best as well as many blessings.

If you have any questions or need some coaching you can contact me at: MaryseCoaching@gmail.com.