Sunday, January 15, 2012

Experience as a Lifebushido Triangle Member

In January 2012, I worked as a Lifebushido Triangle member. The name of my Triangle is Seikou (which means Success in Japanese). I thought that you might be interested in my experience since this innovative company is all about being successful by focusing on your unique talents. Lifebushido motto is "If you focus your energy on what you love to do and what you do best anything is possible".

The hiring process at Lifebushido is very unique. In 2011, the company had over 6,000 job inquiries, about 1.700 applications, hired about 300 people and on average has 100 people actively working for it.

To increase an applicant's chances of being hired, Lifebushido encourages applicants to join a Triangle composed of a group of 3 or more people who work together for 30 days on various tasks before being officially hired.

During the first 10 days, team members learn about each other and about themselves by answering questions on their values, their goals, what they want their legacy to be, etc. I found those series of questions challenging as I had to go deep within myself to find the answers. Sharing my thoughts with my fellow team members was sometimes uncomfortable as I had to be honest about my strengths, my weaknesses and my likes and dislikes. Steve Kantor, the company's president, strongly believes that people who write clear goals achieve greater success. So by subscribing to Goalbushido , I got a series of e-mails that helped me set my annual as well as monthly goals. Writing down my goals for the different areas of my life as recommended (work, health, financial, spiritual) was a great exercise as it allowed me to focus on what I want to achieve in 2012.

After the 10 days of discovery, we were finally allowed to tackle billable tasks. These tasks had to be done individually although we still worked also as a group. My team mates' support was invaluable as I got feedback on how I was completing the various tasks and even got help with my graphics, an area where I still need improvement. The various tasks that had to be done, help me sharpen my skills in marketing (we had to write a concept paper on how to present Lifebushido's Virtual MBA Internship Program in order to recruit top MBA students) and in communication (we had to send e-mails to top real estate agents to offer our services). I found the experience of working with a group challenging in a useful way. Wanting to keep up with my fellow team members motivated me to work at a steady pace even during the weekend and holidays. Now I value the experience of working as a team member.

During my undergraduate studies as an Economics major, I considered pursuing an MBA but my life path took me in another direction. My dream was to have my own business. I'm sure that if I had had the opportunity to do a Lifebushido Virtual MBA Internship, I would be a wildly successful entrepreneur now. I guess I will have to fulfill my dream indirectly by working with Lifebushido.

If you are looking for a fun, challenging part-time position from home, do consider Lifebushido.

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