Sunday, September 25, 2011

Principles of Success: What Is The Main Principles?

Principles Of Success: What Is The Main Principle Of Success?

The word success has many meanings. It can mean having a lot of money, or having a successful career and family, or simply being happy all the time, etc. But what is the underlying cause of our wishes, what could be the main principle of success? In this article I present what this main principle might be.

“The seat of power is the inner self”
“Power is a double-edged sword. Ego power seeks to control and dominate. Real power comes out of the power of love”. Deepak Chopra

The real power to achieve our wishes and goals in life is internal. When we see the world surrounded in the light of love, we live without fear, in “unshakable peace.

To get love, we must first give it. That is a universal law. And to love another, we must love ourselves. Very often our love is hidden behind layers of anger, selfishness and fear.

Self-acceptance then is the key.

However in order to come to a point where we accept ourselves totally, we have to uncover our shadow, the hidden self.

When we look closely inside ourselves, we find that there are many personalities competing for the use of our mind and body. There are also the many roles we identify with – being a parent, a male, a female, a sister, a brother, a lawyer, a doctor, an American, etc. “Each of these roles has staked a claim within us battling each other to have the upper hand.” Happiness is merely a state of non-conflict between all these personalities.

If you remember, when we are a baby, we are in a state of total acceptance. As we grow up, we learn to hold onto negative energies because of society's norms. These negative energies build up in our subconscious and are responsible for our anger, frustrations and denials.

To diffuse all these negative energies, we have to work on recognizing our different sub-personalities for instance the unloved child, the frustrated adolescent, etc, and release the negative energies that may be still attached to them. The most powerful way of releasing old energies is to simply acknowledge that they are there. Doing a simple acknowledgment overcomes any sort of denial that contributes to held energies being trapped inside of us. And an acknowledgment is a form of self-acceptance.

Overcoming our shadow self is a very important principle of success because when it's ignored, it is at the root of many frustrations and failures.

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