Monday, September 19, 2011

Success Factors (Continues)

In this post I will continue summarizing some key success factors.

1.Success Factor #1: Establish a Mastermind Alliance

No individual has ever achieved success alone, without the support and help of others. A group of two or more people working actively together in harmony toward a common goal will provide more brain energy than a single brain. It's very important on your path to success that you secure the support of other people.

2. Success Factor #2: Create personal initiative

Personal initiative is the power you have within yourself to start all actions. It will propel you forward and help you beat procrastination. Procrastination is really the super enemy that you have to guard against. Personal initiative allows you to succeed where others have failed; it creates opportunities as well mas advancement. Even if you have a weak action plan, it's still better to move forward on it rather than delay taking action at all.

3. Success Factor #3: Be Sure to keep a Positive mental attitude

A positive mental attitude is the foundation of all the principles of success. It's the single most important factor. Success attracts more success and failure attracts more failure if you are not careful enough with your mental attitude to turn things around. Your mental attitude may be the only thing over which you have complete control. When you have a positive mental attitude and face obstacles, you find ways to get something accomplished. A negative mental attitude looks for all the ways something cannot be done.

4. Success Factor #4: Reinforce Self-Discipline

Without self-discipline you are in a very dangerous situation. You are like a car going downhill without brakes. Self-discipline is what allows you to tie together all the efforts you make to control your mind, create personal initiative, maintain a positive mental attitude and keeping your enthusiasm up. All these factors are essential keys on your path to success.

5. Success Factor #5: Maintain good health

Anything that affects your physical health will also affect your mental health and attitude. So you have to guard your health like an hawk. A positive mental attitude is the most important quality that you must cultivate for sound mental and physical health. Exercising daily will keep your mind buoyant and clear, keeping away any sluggishness or dullness.

6. Success Factor #6: Focus your attention

It's very easy to get distracted or discouraged. So you must control your mind and your thoughts. If not, it may wander and focus on the things you do not want and bring on fear or anxiety. Positive and negative emotions cannot occupy your mind at the same time. That's why if you focus your mind on positive things it's very unlikely that you will get distracted by negative thoughts.

Like the other principles discussed last week, these success factors are very important for your success in anything you undertake. You must keep them in the back of your mind and strive to apply them on a daily basis. It's not really difficult. Repetition, particularly at the beginning is the key. By reading these principles every day, several times a day, they will soon become second nature.

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