Sunday, September 25, 2011

Your Complete Success Tool: Brainwave Entrainment MP3s

Our body, words, music is nothing more than vibration of energy. The rate at which this energy vibrates is called frequency.

By "tuning" your brain to certain frequencies, using brainwave entrainment, it is possible to change your mood as well as stimulate certain brain functions such as enhanced learning, creativity or relaxation. These benefits are are multiplied when combined with beautiful music and positive frequencies in powerful mp3s.

Music can affect hormones and can even trigger a release of endorphins, the feel good chemicals in our brain. Therefore by combining beautiful, classical, meditation and contemporary music with positive frequencies (by using brainwave entrainment), you can receive the powerful effects of the music and the frequencies.

At different frequencies, the following effects and benefits are released.

Beta Frequencies: Endorphins, the "feel good" hormones are released;

Alpha Frequencies: relaxation, inward awareness... Enhanced release of serotonin (another feel good hormone) which leads to a healing of body and mind.

Theta Frequencies: recall, imagery, creativity, dreaming as well as accelearted learning & increased memory retention

Delta Frequencies: deep, dreamless sleep, trance state. Encourage a feeling of well-being.

I found these Mp3s amazing. The music is absolutly gorgeous and the effects with the brainwave entrainment are almost immediate. On the week ends and in the evening, I listen to them while working. I noticed that my writing has improved significantly. My creativity is at an all-time high. Ideas come quickly and very easily. I also feel at peace and happy most of the time.

Below is a description of some of the MP3s I recommend:

- Sacred Love which music enhances learning, ESP and mind power by tuning to the natural frequency of Planet Earth (the Earth's hearbeat) along with beautiful modern classical music. Scientific studies have shown that this frequency helps relieve stress and strengthen your immune system.

- With the sacred Solfeggio frequency you can overcome fears and limiting beliefs.

- The Dream Programming series, allow you to find effortless assistance to find the perfect job and to materialize your goals quickly.

- The Financial Abundance MP3 helps you develop the mindset of a millionaire.

These are just examples of some of the MP3s that I particularly liked.

How does it work? You simply listen to the MP3 as you fall asleep. The audio uses hypnosis or brainwave entrainment to help you feel relaxed. In that state of semi-sleep, the audio will communicate with your subconscious mind and pre-program your dreams, helping you (depending on the MP3) to create a wealthy and abundant mindset to bring wealth into your life.

The Inner Journeys series have beautiful meditation music, sleep music for deep relaxation and voyages of self-discovery.

Here again they bring about the following benefits:

- Relieve stress and anxiety
- Improve intuition and connections with your higher self
- Look and feel younger
- Feel happier and more peaceful.

These MP3s have been a God sent for me as they have heplped me break some barriers that I had withing myself concernign financial abundance. They help me relax and stay in an almost permenent state of happiness and peacefulness.

The only reservation I have is that I don't know if they would work for someone who is not disciplined enough to use them regularly on a daily basis.

You can try some samples by clicking on the image below.

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