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Key Factors of Success

Key Factors of Success

It is important for anyone who wants to be successful in life to know what the key factors of success are. Of of the most well-known and respected author in the success literature is Napoleon Hill who wrote the famous book, Think and
Grow Rich
. He was also an adviser to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Napoleon Hill wrote about 17 fundamental principles of success. In this series of articles, I will review the 17 principles as he explained them. I will start with presenting the first 4 principles.

Key Factors of Success #1: Develop Definiteness of Purpose

The starting point of all achievement is the development of a Definite Leading Purpose. You must know where you are going and keep it in mind by focusing on it with a burning desire for its realization. Having a burning desire is essential. Intense emotions are very important in attracting to you what you want in life. You must be careful that your mental attitude
is positive and that it gives power to everything that you do. With all the negative thoughts floating around, it could be easy to have the wrong focus. You must guard your thoughts at all time and make sure that they remain positive.

Key Factors of Success #2: Go the Extra Mile

This factor can be summarized in a few words: “The more you give, the more you get”. We are usually lazy. We must fight that tendency ferociously. You must render more and better service than you are paid for. With the competition that
exists in most fields, it's the only way to be ahead. Additionally, getting into the habit of going the extra mile ensures that you are at your best all the time.

There is a simple equation that translate into:

the quality of the service that you render + the quantity of the service that you render + the positive mental attitude in which it is rendered = the amount of money you will make.

Of course, the more of each, the more money you will make.

Key Factors of Success #3: Be enthusiastic

Enthusiasm is the fuel that drives things forward. It is like the gasoline to an engine. It inspires and is very contagious. It is reported that enthusiasm is more powerful than reason or logic in winning over others to your viewpoint. We will see in a next article why it is so important.

Key Factors of Success #4: Have a Pleasing Personality

Your personality is your greatest asset or your greatest liability. So you must work on making it as pleasing as possible. In the book The Prosperity Secrets of the Ages, author Catherine Ponder states that "joy and beauty are two qualities you must cultivate along the way to help you succeed". They are "before success" requirements rather than those that just naturally come after. Joy has a powerful attractive power whereas moodiness, discouragement and a negative disposition have a repelling power. We tend to avoid gloomy, mpoing, whining, complaining people while we are instinctively attracted to beautiful, pleasant people.

Voila! Here you have the first 4 fundamental principles of success. Make sure that you read and apply them every day and you will certainly be on your way to being successful.

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